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About Drei

Drei Amador-Magbanua

I am a firm believer in identity-building through editing a space. The thought of my paintings being a part of someone else's home or office is a happy contribution to help others create who they are and who they want to be. The art I choose to share is often a result of my meditations and reflections. These captured expressions are not bound by style or a specific aesthetic because our human experience isn't always the same every day. Individual colors and brush strokes become phrases for a story within the canvas. It surprises me when others instantly relate to the paintings I create.

I hope to find collectors who can have a relationship with a piece they want from my growing body of work. I want them to hang the art someplace they can be reminded of the emotion and their connection with it. This way, it somehow fulfills my intention of contributing something beautifully tangible to their world.

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